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Project Reconnect was designed to reconnect to the purpose-driven and nature-connected life that many of our ancestors exceptionally lived.  So I set out to stand-up paddle across the Catalina Channel (~30 nautical miles) to reconnect to mother nature, and to raise money for a non-profit that is working on ridding the ocean of plastics. I knew it would be hard –
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By taking the Finding Your Best course, you’ve made a decision to live a life of deep meaning and purpose. It’s not the path for everyone. By definition, you are an outlier by investing in yourself and pushing the edges of your comfort zone to pursue what’s possible. There is a commitment you need to
At the 2012 London Olympics we fell short of our goal of winning gold. It was a painful experience. I didn’t know what was going to happen next for me. I needed to make changes moving forward so that I could be a better version of myself in moments of test.  However, with change comes
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